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This post is a little more personal than usual because a lot of people around me are moving on from university, starting their Masters, getting new jobs, leaving old ones… the transition stage of life is eminent. From my perspective of moving, it was a complicated period that can easily turn negative and this is what I want to address.

Some people will label you and tell you you're a negative person for feeling lonely or anxious. That's when someone who wasn't negative gives into the words and starts to live up to the criticism. Think about this- even God doesn't condemn anyone to a label because He is full of love. So telling someone that they need to be happier, more positive, stronger is an opinion, not an encouragement. For example, you're told 'you look really tired.' Does that make you feel more awake? Would it not be proactive and kinder to ask, 'how did you sleep last night?'

Everyone is guilty of slipping up and saying something not so nice and that is okay. I'm not talking about tactlessness because that is a pretty obvious situation. I'm referring to the unhappiest people- the ones that blame others and care little about the consequences of their hate. We choose who we 'follow' on social media so why shouldn't we exercise discernment when hollow criticism is directed at us? Sometimes it could be naivety, trust, respect or dependency and there are people out there that consciously or not, will take advantage of that.

Are those people that put you down peaceful and happy? In my experience, definitely not. Just like you wouldn't take beauty tips from someone with bad eyebrows, don't listen to those that won't influence you for the better.

When you're moving on, you begin again and it's your chance not anyone else's.