First of all I'd like to say that all Living Proof products smell the same and I don't see any use for the testers at the retailers, except for the sake of formality. That aside I am a huge fan of their products. Since I moved to Singapore I have experienced reoccurring hair nightmares, something that I did not have to deal with in a European climate. I mean frizz in both air-conditioning and outdoor humidity, as well as flatness at the roots. At best my permed hair would decide to be curly or have beachy waves. At worst… I would just tie it up and ignore the reality.

I decided to branch out from the Restore range that so successfully eased my tresses and picked up the discovery box for the Frizz range. On the website they say that it's a 'travel kit' which is exactly what I intend to use the bottled samples for. It retails at $39SGD and has four products (although mine also contained a sample of the Style Extender from their Prime range) which is a great deal because a mini bottle of any of these products costs around $15SGD alone.

 photo image-12_zpse9c91d21.jpg

There is a No Frizz shampoo and conditioner, Nourishing Styling Cream and a Leave- In Conditioner. The bottom line is that all the products aim to do the same thing- tame and prolong the cleanliness of your hair as well as to leave it in a healthy, healed condition. They aren't difficult to use either, all the styling products require damp and clean hair. I used everything everything from the Frizz line that the box contained for the full effect and this is the result:

 photo IMG_1275_zpsf5927348.jpg

 photo IMG_1278_zps31c78354.jpg

(No- tongs, just the usual home-style blow dry and a little finger curling)

The Verdict:
☆☆☆ for the shampoo, I liked it but it didn't really do anything… special.
☆☆☆ for the conditioner, I feel like there are ones that do better or similar at a lower price point.

However I absolutely love their styling products as they are nourishing and make you hair look lovely even with just a hairdryer and brush!
☆☆☆☆ for the Nourishing Styling Cream, I didn't use a lot because I avoid direct heat to my hair as much as possible but it did it's job, my hair is softer and smoother.
☆☆☆☆☆ for the Leave- In conditioner. Despite using what I would consider a lot of product at once for an everyday routine, my hair feels light and clean. I think that this conditioner is best for people with curly hair, coloured or permed (as they are dry and more prone to frizz).

If you already have a shampoo and conditioner that you love and you're just looking to try something new, purchasing the whole range is unnecessary. My ultimate favourite is the Leave- In Conditioner because from the start it did not require copious amount of product to leave a protective and softening coat on my strands. Admittedly with the product on, it took a much longer time to dry my damp hair, which suggests to me that it's locking in the moisture and it is protective from heat? Either way I went to sleep with the Leave- In Conditioner and when I woke up, I ran a hairbrush through it, curled the ends around my finger and that was all it took to have princess hair!

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