A slouchy, soft tee and a pair of distressed cut off shorts. The most basic you can go and perfect for a day full of errands and a chilled dinner with a good friend. Saveur on Purvis Street is a great, casual place to meet for fresh and modern French food. Some dishes may seem traditional such as duck confit, boeuf bourginon and for dessert, creme brûlée. However like most European restaurants in Asia, they like to tailor their palate to suit their clientele, and many dishes have a subtle Eastern influence to it. Adding fragrant flavours like yuzu, shitake and pandan they are one of my favourite places in Singapore to branch out from my usual orders and try something new.

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Since my interview on beauty with THE LDN DAILY, I realised that it was quite embarrassing that I did not know how to blow dry my hair, so I started investigating great skincare products to invest in. Also greatly influenced by my boyfriend who has a meticulous day and night routine, I have begun to notice the difference when you prep for your day properly, starting with cleansing and purifying your skin. My favourite part about my beauty finds is that they all have an amazing smell which instantly boosts your mood!

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Aesop has very quickly become one of my favourites, starting off as a hair- care brand they have become known for their anti-oxidant skin care containing Parsley Seed. I am currently using their Amazing Face Cleanser ($65SGD) and it is the freshest, most energising smell. I wake up looking forward to using this.

Fresh do the best tinted lip balms ever. Their sugar polish has an inevitable sickly- sweet smell however the results are great. I hate my natural lip colour and this buffs away the dead layers of skin leaving a pinker tone rather than a dullish nude.

I have been promoting this GlamGlow mask ($92SGD) and handing out samples to everyone at work. The mud mask claims to 'tingle' but it is really a moderate burn and throb, whether or not this gets you hyped up or concerned it is really worth it. I totally underestimated this when I first washed it off but as the days went on, I noticed that my skin was brighter and clearer and that my pores were tighter.


Being in Singapore during the winter months has been a really strange feeling for me. I loved the cooler weather in Hong Kong and miss the biting chill of January in the UK. However as February draws in, I am fully embracing the luxurious ease of slipping on casual summer clothes and being in the sun drenched city. Today was spent on the balcony of Mandarin Gallery at The Providore with my blogger friend from uni, Amanda.

Here I am wearing a spontaneous find, a fedora from Topshop, my favorite colour of blue and one of my most coveted statement necklaces. I've recently been rocking my new Frends headphones because they are so beautiful and when I'm not running about with my hair up it unintentionally serves as the most multifunctional and techy headband ever.
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